Some Insight

Every marriage is an opportunity for love and commitment to blossom into family devotion and healthy lives.

Traditional and Personalized Weddings
There are times when the desire to be married transcends particular religious traditions and gender orientation. It is my belief that two people who wish to build a life together, no matter who they are, deserve God’s blessings.

You made a commitment to each other and I make my commitment to you. Performing a marriage ceremony has been a sacred joy and privilege in my pulpit career. Therefore, I offer the same reassurance to every couple I have married.

You will never need to make a deposit for your wedding.

In the future, should you ever need an independent, objective ear, for whatever family or personal reasons, I will stand with you in the most important moments — throughout your life.

I am available at the other end of the phone or by email. This is a lifetime commitment on my part and a guarantee I have always honored throughout my congregational career.